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“Turn heads” Sweater


Such a beautiful reminder! “Be the type of person that not only turns heads, but turns souls as well.”
  • Cozy & comfy
  • Off the shoulder slouchy sweater
  • Made with cotton
  • Super soft material
Read our inspo behind this sweater 👇🏼 A message to the young girl who is trying to prove her beauty: I want to let you know that you are beautiful, that you are incredibly smart. I want to let you know that you do not have to show your body off on Instagram to prove your beauty.

You do not have to prove your beauty through likes.

You can make an impact and change the world just by being you. You are the most perfect version of you there ever was. Being you is not the image of your body, being you is not proven by likes. Being you is not your hair color. Being you is not what people think of you. Being you is deciding that you are enough and you are better than likes.   Others will gravitate toward the person you truly are and you will make a bigger impact by showing others the true you.   The you that is not artificial, the you that is made up of cells, of love and energy. So be the energy you want to attract because the truth is your energy is you. Your soul purpose and life mission is you, not the vessel you were put in. So rather than just showing off your vessel, show off your soul and your energy.

Show off your attitude and your true nature. Show off you. And I mean the deep down and beautifully flawed and amazingly wonderful you.

You are a beautiful warrior. I see you, and I know you know who you are too, so stop hiding behind what you think you should be. Stop hiding behind your vessel and show your soul, girl. Show your energy. Share your light.