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Founder & Owner, Brooke Taylor

The day we lost our son, I remember telling myself repeatedly that I could get through it, but as the days and weeks came and went, I started losing that hope. I was feeling helpless and losing my connection to joy in all things. The past few months, I screamed and yelled and cried… a lot. My loved ones, my husband included, became worrisome of my health because I was so far from the person I was.

But just as important, I now know that I can’t stop myself from growing because of it. The stress that comes with loss is never ending. I struggled with horrific thoughts and incredible guilt. I thought it was my fault, I thought that even after all this, I was continuing to fail my son, and I didn’t understand why I wasn’t allowing his light to shine through me. And just as I had that last thought I realized I have a choice.

Ever since that day, my mission and sole purpose on this earth is to inspire women warriors from all over. You see, not every story is perfect, sometimes it’s extremely difficult. But your story doesn’t define you. The way you chose to share your story and live your story does. And my mission here is to help you find your story, through inspiring you with my yoga workshops, my clothing line and stories of women warriors from all walks of life!


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