My name is Brooke.  I am a #girlboss, owner of my own business, and a woman with big dreams.

Life hasn’t always been perfect. But it has been perfectly imperfect.

I truly believe everything has a purpose and a path.

The rise to my purpose started in elementary school.

I struggled with ADHD and had a very difficult time learning and staying focused…

I even got held back because of it.

But there was a reason for my struggling in the public school…I realized this because once I was home schooled, I found my love for the arts growing quickly.

I started acting, figure skating, painting, dancing and even singing.

I did so much more than most kids, so I’m honestly glad I struggled in school.

My main passion was figure skating and I had a huge love for the determination and persistence it took to be good at it. Little did I know, I would find my love for yoga through this path spent on the ice.

While at the ice rink where my sister and I practiced, there was a yoga studio right above us. I started practicing yoga before skate time and sometimes even after…

Yoga helped me so much because of the mental aspect I was missing to match the physical.

Shortly after I decided to stop competing, I then fell back into my love for acting, fortunately my parents were always very supportive of what I wanted to try next or experience…I’m most grateful for that!

I took tons of acting classes, auditioned for many roles and got told no a lot and that made me stronger, and caused my persistence to grow.  I became resilient with the no’s but I did land a few things, explore my love for stage acting and grew a lot as a person…looking back, though, if I didn’t pursue acting, I would have never met my hubby.  We met on set of the Nickelodeon show, “Victorious”, and the rest is history.

After acting, I dove head first into pageants. Pageants taught me how to be confident and how to speak in front of others. It also taught me that true beauty is truly on the inside. After pageant life, I felt I was still missing something, and that’s when I found my love for yoga again and I started teaching yoga at 19 years old.

Yoga is where I truly found my love for helping others. I loved giving people a peace of mind during practice and watching them walk out of class with ease and a brighter outlook on their day.

Fast forward a few years…

…When my husband and I got pregnant with our first baby a little boy we named him Gavin.  Gavin Hart Crosman.

Gavin became my mission and my true purpose the day I became pregnant with him…and when we lost him during our pregnancy at 21 weeks he became my light.

Yes, we gained an angel on March 9, 2018.  And ever since that day, my mission and sole purpose on this earth is to inspire women warriors from all over.  I define a woman warrior as one who rises above all things and supports others through times of loss and times of victory.

This was and still is the hardest and most difficult path in my life so far. But I have decided to share our sons light through all I am and all I do.

You see, not everyone story is perfect, sometimes it’s extremely difficult. But your story doesn’t define you. The way you chose to share your story and live your story does. And my mission here is to help you find your story, through inspiring you with my teachings, my clothing line and stories of women from all walks of life!

Together We Stand and Make a Difference – Together We Are One.


If you have a story to tell and would like to be featured on our page and blog please email me at With your story & impact we can make a huge difference. 

Brooke Taylor

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